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Glicksman: Raising the Bar for Darwinism

David Klinghoffer


“How can you understand where life came from if you don’t understand how it actually works?” So asks Dr. Howard Glicksman, physician and author of the 81-part Evolution News series “The Designed Body,” in a new ID the Future episode. Download the podcast here, or listen to it here.

Glicksman chats with Discovery Institute biologist Ray Bohlin about the origins of his series in his own clinical practice, and why he decided to “raise the bar for Darwinism” by confronting evolutionists with the irreducible complexity of how the body, with its many systems and subsystems, works in detail. It’s a subject that tends to get brushed aside in evolutionary theorizing. Dr. Glicksman and Dr. Bohlin then turn to a fascinating discussion of a case in point: the human calcium control system.

Photo: High jump competition, by Government Press Office (Israel) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.