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Join the ID Debate! Private Networking Conference in Seattle, October 6-7


The debate about intelligent design in nature is for everybody. ID presents an ultimate question, far from being limited in the scope of its relevance to just scientists or philosophers. On the contrary, every sensitive person must wonder about the purpose evident behind life and the cosmos. If you’d like to be an active participant in this vital controversy, the annual Intelligent Design Action Network Meeting is your opportunity to get involved as an ID activist!

For the second year in a row, we will offer this important event in Seattle, Friday and Saturday, October 6-7. To join us, you must apply beforehand and explain your purpose and interests. The meeting is private and open to guests only at the discretion of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. More information and a link to apply is here.

We will hear from outstanding speakers including John West, Brian Miller, Jonathan Wells, Ann Gauger on the state of the ID debate, the thermodynamics of life, the design of the human eye, the strengths and weaknesses of theistic evolution as an alternative to design, and more. Ask questions, pose challenges, and sharpen your skills as an ID advocate. We’ll help equip you for this challenging intellectual battle.

You can read all you want about ID, but there’s no substitute for interacting with experts directly, or networking with and learning from fellow activists. The price, at $75, is affordable. Got questions? Be in touch with Daniel Reeves at 206-292-0401 x151 or

Photo credit: fill via Pixabay.