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Math, Computers, and Evolution: Robert Marks on Searches and Artificial Intelligence

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On a new episode of ID the Future, CSC Director of Communications Rob Crowther talks with Robert Marks, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University, about Marks’s new book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, which makes an important but esoteric-sounding field accessible to the general reader.

Dr. Marks talks about how he and William Dembski originally connected as researchers, and began working on the subject in 2007, how intelligent design can inform thinking on artificial intelligence, and what a “search for a search” means in evolutionary terms. Download the podcast here, or listen to it here.

Get your copy of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics by Winston Ewert, William Dembski, and Robert Marks! More information is at the Evolutionary Informatics Lab’s website, evoinfo.org — that’s evo info, as Dr. Marks helpfully explains, not evil info. Just so there’s no confusion.

Image credit: geralt, via Pixabay.