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Return of the Christmas Pony – Robert Marks on Modeling Darwinian Evolution


Now what were the chances of this? The other day we saw how, in his new book, Purpose and Desire: What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It, biologist J. Scott Turner tells the story of the Christmas pony, with a girl as the protagonist. For Dr. Turner it is a parable about how evolutionists eagerly seek a coherent theory under a lot of horse manure.

In a new ID the Future episode, Baylor University professor Robert J. Marks, of Evolutionary Informatics Lab fame, tells the same story. Interesting. But now the protagonist is a boy being studied by scientists for his habitual unrealistic optimism. Again it’s a parable about how Darwinists so far haven’t produced anything like a hard science, complete with a mathematical model for how unguided evolution works. There’s a lot of horse manure, though, and they’re sure the model, like the hoped-for pony, must be under there somewhere.

Should we join them in their optimism? Or take seriously their excuses for why they haven’t found what you’d minimally expect from a hard science? Dr. Marks doesn’t think so, as he tells Robert Crower of the Center for Science & Culture. Download the podcast here, or listen to it here.

Maybe evolution is just too complicated to model? Or maybe computer simulations have already provided a sufficient demonstration that evolution works as advertised? Or maybe Bob Marks should stop asking questions about this since he’s an engineer, not a biologist?

Sorry, none of these evasions will fly, any more than a pony will. Writing for the general reader, Marks and co-authors, William Dembski and Winston Ewert, explain why in their new book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics. Get it now. Oh, and in case you haven’t yet, don’t forget to pre-order Purpose and Desire now to get your two free e-books. Details are here.

Photo credit: Alexas_Fotos, via Pixabay.

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