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See Intelligent Design Brought to Life in an Otherworldly Natural Setting – Our 13th Annual Insiders Briefing!

You can read about the evidence for intelligent design, in biology and other scientific disciplines. Or you can see it brought spectacularly to life before your eyes! Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Next month, it’s exactly what we’re offering with the Discovery Society’s 13th annual Insiders Briefing, August 10-14, in Calgary, Alberta. Spend your summer vacation amid the Canadian Rockies with Stephen Meyer, Michael Denton, John West, and the newest star in the design firmament – internationally renowned chemist and Brazilian Academy of Sciences member Marcos Eberlin.

We’ll gather at the grand Fairmont Palliser Hotel, but there are numerous side destinations within easy striking distance. The theme is ID Goes International, and the spectacular natural and historical setting uniquely combines themes from some of the most powerful arguments for intelligent design.

Nearby is the legendary Burgess Shale, where the motherlode of Cambrian fossils was discovered, as Steve Meyer describes in Darwin’s Doubt. Among other highlights, one excursion takes us to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum, with its fantastic trove of Cambrian and other fossils, and ends with a Q&A session with Dr. Meyer over dinner.

Dr. Denton will preview his important forthcoming book, The Wonder of Water. And in case you’re in any doubt on that score – the unique fitness of water to support life like ours, the sheer wonder of H2O – we’ll take in, with two full-day side trips, gorgeous Lake Johnson, Banff’s hot springs, and a gondola ride to see the water-dappled view from the summit of Sulphur Mountain. With presentations by Meyer, Eberlin, West, and Denton, the intellectual fare will match the natural offerings of the Rocky Mountains and Canadian Badlands.

There will be fine shopping and dining, a stopover at the iconic 19th-century Banff Springs Hotel in Banff National Park. And a movie premiere! We’ll screen the latest documentary directed by Dr. West, Human Zoos, a troubling record of the little-known history of how Darwinism was applied to living human beings.

All this in just four days? Amazingly, yes. For more information, see here, including prices. You can download a detailed color brochure here. If you’re already a donor to Discovery Institute, you should have received special codes to register at discounted rates. But remember it all happens next month, so take action now to join us for this unprecedented opportunity!

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