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The Soul of the Matter — Now in Paperback; Read Bruce Buff’s Thriller on Intelligent Design!

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This past week, Bruce Buff’s first novel, The Soul of the Matter (Simon & Schuster/Howard Books), which debuted last year, was released in paperback.

In The Soul of the Matter, former cyber-intelligence analyst Dan Lawson seeks to unravel the mysteries his geneticist friend claims he discovered encoded in DNA: secrets that could destroy humankind. After a catastrophic experiment, Dan races against time and deadly pursuit to uncover whether the human soul can survive science’s conquest of nature.

Along the way, characters are forced to confront the reality of their existence. In his book, Buff examines intriguing questions about science and philosophy.

Does DNA coding demonstrate that we are here by intent?

And is the brain itself enough to produce perceptions, feelings, thoughts and awareness? Perhaps not – maybe rather, every moment of our lives is our souls in action.

Find excerpts from the book here, here, and here. And in case you wondered, the rumors are true: Discovery Institute plays a role in the story. Well, we’re not the main character, but you can’t have everything. From David Klinghoffer’s review here at Evolution News:

As of today, ID is also something else that I wouldn’t have predicted: the main theme and dramatic backdrop of a pretty effective and tense thriller by debut novelist Bruce Buff. Following the adventures of ex-CIA officer turned computer hacker Dan Lawson and eerily compelling pediatric oncologist Trish Alighieri, Mr. Buff’s The Soul of the Matter expertly invokes a range of ideas — including irreducible complexity, the Cambrian explosion, the enigma of protein evolution, and the malign illusion of a “transhuman” future.

Imagine Dan Brown meets Stephen Meyer meets Wesley J. Smith and you’ll have an idea of what’s in store for readers. A turning point in the story involves a visit to Seattle’s Pioneer Square and, yes, Discovery Institute. If Mr. Brown’s knockout The Da Vinci Code were to be rewritten from a design perspective with the combined insights of Doug Axe, Michael Behe, and Jonathan Wells, you would have something like Mr. Buff’s impressive book.

[I]t’s a novel that makes your foot jiggle nervously and your palms sweat, even as it deftly deals with a range of ideas connected with ID, and makes some points I hadn’t thought of before.

Publishers Weekly declares, “A thrilling plot filled with deception and international intrigue…this book will leave readers to ponder big questions of existence.” B&N Reads describes the book as, “A thriller that will have you thinking and questioning everything long after you read the last page.”

It is the first in a fast-paced three-book series by Mr. Buff. Get it now!

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