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Zombie Science: The War on Eggs

David Klinghoffer

Zombie Science

The fallibility of the scientific “consensus” is revealed in no humbler, more everyday form than chicken eggs. As Zombie Science author Jonathan Wells recalls, some years ago eggs were a deadly threat in your diet. That was according to “established science” aka what “Science Says” – that is, until more recently, when the verdict on the familiar breakfast food was reversed.

Today, eggs are a perfectly healthy element in your balanced diet. In a brief video conversation, Dr. Wells has fun with this reversal, but the point is serious:

The public is hectored by Darwin apologists with their scientific “consensus,” their “established science,” their “Science Says,” and of course their parade of evolutionary icons, expertly debunked by Jonathan Wells. But the “consensus” can and does change.

Want proof? You’ve probably got a carton of it in the fridge right now.

Photo credit: Eggs, by ACWG via Pixabay.