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The Intelligent Design Debate Needs YOU!


The controversy about evolution takes place at multiple levels and in many different arenas. It’s an intellectual struggle fought out in academia, the media, and at the grassroots. As state legislatures consider academic freedom laws and ordinary citizens push back against Darwinist propaganda in their communities and, yes, online, real people from a variety of backgrounds are vital in advancing the case for design in the public square.

That’s why for two years now we have offered the private Intelligent Design Action Network Meeting here in Seattle, where ID activists from around the country meet ID scholars to discuss strategy and the state of the relevant scientific questions. The ID movement needs YOU! And to maximize your impact on the design debate, you need to join us, October 6-7, for a series of discussions, presentations, and meals. There’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction with Discovery Institute scientists and your fellow activists.

You’ll hear presentations on:

  • “The State of the Debate,” by CSC Associate Director John West
  • “The Thermodynamics of Life,” by CSC Research Coordinator Brian Miller
  • “The Intelligent Design of the Human Eye,” by CSC Senior Fellow Jonathan Wells
  • A preview of a new book on theistic evolution by CSC Senior Fellow and Director of Science Communications Ann Gauger

But we call it a networking meeting because interacting and socializing with other attendees is just as important as hearing from experts, if not more so. This is a private meeting, so in order to attend, you will need to apply and tell us a little about yourself. You can do that here, where you will find additional information about the program, as well about lodging and transportation. An application is here.

It’s a rich menu of offerings, including a screening of a new documentary on the history of social Darwinism. You’ll hear about what the future holds for ID research. This is information we don’t share with the public. And you will have the opportunity to share with us your own thoughts on directions the ID movement should take in years to come.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Please join us. But don’t delay about applying. Space is limited.

Got questions? Be in touch with our Educational Outreach Assistant, Daniel Reeves, at 206-292-0401 x151 or

Image: Uncle Sam Wants You, U.S. Army recruiting poster, by By James Montgomery Flagg [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.