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For Your Labor Day Enjoyment – Dembski on Design Detection in Just Three Minutes


We last checked in with Robert Lawrence Kuhn of the PBS series Closer to Truth as he interviewed physicist and Nobel laureate Brian Josephson who said he was “80 percent” sure of intelligent design. (BOOM.)

These aren’t brand new interviews by Kuhn, but still very interesting – and concise. Now, submitted for your Labor Day enjoyment, here’s one (click on the image above), pointed out by a Facebook friend, with mathematician William Dembski. Dr. Dembski briefly defines the method of detecting intelligent design. It is, he says, a form of triangulation on the effects of intelligence, namely contingency, complexity, and specification. The last of those refers to the question of “Does it conform to some sort of independently given pattern?”

Kuhn, not an ID proponent as far as I know, shrewdly notes that ID doesn’t seek to “prove” God, of the Bible or any other gods, but it is consistent with what you’d expect from a Deity. I find that distinction to be stubbornly lost on many ID critics.

All this in just over three minutes. Speaking of Labor Day, nice job!