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Milestones of the Revolution

David Klinghoffer


John West was on the radio program The Universe Next Door with host Tom Woodward to talk about the making of Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines, which Dr. West wrote and directed. It’s a new podcast episode of ID the Future. Listen to it here.

The hour-long documentary is now free online. West alludes mysteriously to a sequence in the film, “Milestones of the Revolution,” which when you see it at the conclusion of this three-act drama — and it really is a scientific drama — may give you chills. See it all here:

Behe’s story is about much more than the bacterial flagellum. As John West points out, the film serves as an entry point for considering the argument for intelligent design in nature much more broadly, as that case is made by Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Günter Bechly, and other ID proponents. The accompanying website,, is well stocked with additional essays and other information to start you on your way to learning about the full sweep of evidence for ID.