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Sick — Now Canada Weighs Child Euthanasia

Wesley J. Smith


Once euthanasia consciousness is unleashed, it never stops expanding.

Canada’s law is still brand new, yet there is already talk about allowing dementia patients to be killed while a mentally ill patient was euthanized with the permission of a court.

And now, children are a potential target. From the CBC story:

The Canadian Paediatric Society says its members are “increasingly” being asked by parents about the option of seeking medically assisted death for children, while a survey of doctors found nearly half of the respondents supported assisted death for kids with “progressive terminal illness or intractable pain.”

Do you think there will be strong pushback from Canadian medical leadership? Dream on!

Dr. Dawn Davies, a pediatric palliative care physician and chairwoman of the Canadian Pediatric Society’s bioethics committee, said she was surprised by that response…

I’m not. Once a society agrees that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, there are few logical off-ramps.

Davies said it’s “far too early” to make any decisions, but the medical community should start thinking about issues involving assisted death for minors and when it could be the more compassionate choice.

“Far too early,” means it is already in the planning stages. So I guess Robert Latimer — a Canadian farmer who murdered his daughter because she had cerebral palsy — was a visionary.

Culture of death? What culture of death?

Photo credit: cezjaw, via Pixabay.

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