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#GivingTuesday — Help Us Transform Science and Culture!

David Klinghoffer

Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday, and I want to share with you two important programs of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture for 2018. I warmly invite you to consider both in deciding what to give.

One represents a yearly commitment on our part, while the other is brand new. From the list of our initiatives for the coming year:

Summer Seminar and mentoring programs to equip students and professionals from around the world to become leaders in the area of science and culture.

Besides standing up for scientists who are already working in their fields and are feeling the heat of Darwinist censorship and intimidation, we bring students, including many international ones, to Seattle each summer for the intensive Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design. To be frank, being entirely tuition-free, this is a very expensive proposition for us. Your generous gifts make it possible to seed the world of scholarship with future scientists and other thinkers who will change what the world thinks about biological origins.

Human Zoos, a documentary exposing the terrible legacy of Darwinian racism. This documentary just premiered at a film festival in Portland, Oregon, where it was one of a handful of films selected to be shown from nearly 250 submitted documentaries. Two global satellite/cable networks are already interested in airing it.

Apart from our work in elucidating the science of intelligent design, we also document the human costs of Darwinian evolutionary theory. A new documentary written and directed by our colleague John West tells a story that will be utterly unfamiliar to most viewers. In fact, it’s shocking. It will release next year, but Human Zoos has already won two awards, “Best Editing” from the Oregon Documentary Film Festival, and “Best in Show” from the Cinema World Fest Awards in Ottawa, Canada.

Your gift will help us share Human Zoos far and wide, through a variety of media. See the trailer here:

Please consider giving now, whatever you can, to help us help students transform science, to inform the world about the best science illuminating life’s origins, and to share the reality of the horrific tragedies that have trailed Darwinian thinking from its beginning.

And here’s some excellent news: One generous #GivingTuesday donor has already offered to match your gift by 50 percent. So if you give $200 today, you will actually be giving $300! Please donate now.

Thank you so much in advance for your vital, ongoing support of our work!

Image credit: Quince Media, via Pixabay.