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#GivingTuesday Is This Week — Please Get Ready to Give

David Klinghoffer

Giving Tuesday

This Tuesday, November 28, is #GivingTuesday — a day designated to contrast with the commercialism of the holiday season. It’s a day to think about things that really matter, like countering the message of despair that twines around advocacy of the theory of Darwinian evolution.

The scientists and scholars of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture are the leading voices in defiance of both theistic and atheistic evolution. They pay a heavy price for their courage, even as they give courage to young scholars still waiting to emerge in the world of design research. Please choose to stand with us by donating to the Evolution News and Science Campaign.

Evolution News is the daily voice of the intelligent design movement, whose leaders you know well – Stephen Meyer and Douglas Axe, Jonathan Wells and Ann Gauger, Paul Nelson and Richard Sternberg, and many others. There is a great intellectual battle being waged, and we need your help in waging it!

The coming year will be vital to our cause – to your cause. Just a couple of our new initiatives for 2018 include:

  • Great Minds with Michael Medved, a new audio and video podcast hosted by Michael Medved that will feature interviews with many of our key scholars, bringing their ideas to a wider audience.
  • Science Uprising, a cutting-edge YouTube series designed to reach young people with the evidence for intelligent design. The series is being developed with a Hollywood cinematographer who, like you, is one of our fearless donors.

You, our generous friends and donors, make these initiatives possible. Without you, they are not possible. Go here to learn more about what 2018 has in store, with your support. Please take a moment now, ahead of #GivingTuesday, to give what you can to advance the case for intelligent design.

Photo credit: winterseitler, via Pixabay.