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Mammoth Critique of Theistic Evolution Will Be Out on November 30

theistic evolution

As Paul Nelson notes, on November 30 a book called Theistic Evolution: a Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique will be published. It includes a comprehensive scientific critique of Darwinian evolution, three chapters arguing against common descent, and four chapters about human origins. Then there is a whole section for philosophers, and another on Scripture.

We have everything! Fossils, man-made molecular machines, and lessons learned about the origin of life, developmental biology, DNA, epigenetics, protein science, computational evolution, and paleontology. Arguments against methodological naturalism, on bias in science, B.B. Warfield, C.S. Lewis, and the historicity of an original human pair. If you pre-order on Amazon, you can get a price break. 1000+ pages. Smile.

Well written, engaging, and three chapters by yours truly, plus Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Jonathan Wells, Matti Leisola, Winston Ewert, Sheena Tyler, Paul Nelson, Casey Luskin, Ola Hössjer, Colin Reeves, and those are just the scientists. For philosophers we have J.P. Moreland, Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Jack Collins, Steve Dilley, and others, and for theologians the main man is Wayne Grudem.

Photo credit: Paul Nelson. Dr. Nelson’s Maine Coon cat, Theo, appears for size comparison only and does not constitute an endorsement of the product.