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Intelligent Design as Self-Help?

You may remember our earlier coverage of what Andrew McDiarmid called the “mis-shelving follies” — books by ID authors erroneously and perhaps spitefully placed on the “Christian Life,” rather than Science, shelves at Barnes & Noble. Here’s an amusing twist. A reader in South Africa passing through the Johannesburg Airport’s International Terminal sends this along:


The reader reports:

So we are about to depart from Johannesburg to London. We stopped at a bookstore on the way to the gate. Here’s what I found in the “Self-Help” section — Undeniable by Douglas Axe!

I very politely told the clerk at the counter that I thought the book was mis-categorized and should be in the Science section, and that the author is a professional scientist. She was very nice but who knows what will come of it. Maybe I can check when we come back through later. Until then, Dr. Axe can rest easy knowing that his book is helping people to clean up their lives!

There may be something to that. Without doubt, recognizing reality is a necessary, though not sufficient, first step on the way to better and more effective living.

Notice, too, how the cover is facing out, treatment that book authors covet. Maybe leave it where it is, bookstore clerk.