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Time Is Running Out: Don’t Forget to Submit Your Nominations for Censor of the Year

Censor of the Year

I noted earlier that the classic and seemingly pro-ID kids’ book Yellow & Pink, by William Steig of Shrek fame, was kept out of print for years by its publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, owned by Macmillan. When we checked on it a while back, we were informed there were no plans to bring it back on the market. Coincidence?

Today’s good news includes the fact that Square Fish, another imprint of the parent company, has reissued the book in paperback. Nice! And this also takes Macmillan out of the running for 2018 Censor of the Year.

But it leaves many other deserving candidates, and before it’s too late, I once again invite you to submit your nominations. The COTY award recognizes outstanding achievement in suppressing open discussion and debate about Darwinian evolution and its scientific alternative, intelligent design. We will announce this year’s winner, as always, in time for February 12, Darwin’s birthday, celebrated here as Academic Freedom Day.

We pointed out last week that our 2015 Censor, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is in the news as he gets a green light from Fox for a second season of Cosmos, famous for its airbrushing of science history. But that is not scheduled to run until 2019, so Tyson is not really an appropriate candidate this year.

I will say that among nominations so far, there is a trend toward one particular candidate. But I won’t say more, and of course, COTY awards are decided by a committee of Center for Science & Culture and Evolution News staff. But we greatly value your thoughts on the subject, not least if you can bring to light a censor we haven’t yet considered! Submit nomination now by going here.

Photo: Book burning, Chile, 1973, by Weekly Review (CIA Freedom of Information Act) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.