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An Open Door — Reasons for Hope on Academic Freedom?

On a new ID the Future episode, Sarah Chaffee, CSC’s Program Officer in Education and Public Policy, talked with Rob Crowther about the ongoing drive to win academic freedom for researchers and instructors on evolution.

They point out some good reasons for hopefulness that the door to what we call “free science” may be slowly creaking open. There’s increasing public consciousness of the way free speech is suppressed on university campuses — which has been a longtime fact of life for Darwin skeptics. Meanwhile, science itself is advancing. Whether at academic conferences or in biology journals, we’ve noted a gradual loosening of the gag again freely critiquing evolutionary theory.

That’s at the professional level. What about communities? As Sarah Chaffee points out, the new Free Science website is an outstanding new resource. If you’re a parent, teacher, or student, it’s the place to go for background and stories about scientists and their experiences with censorship, along with some very practical guidance. There’s a Helpline, a newsfeed about the legislative front and cases from the field, and information about Discovery Institute’s model academic freedom bill and model resolution.

It’s satisfying to be able to report good news. Download the podcast or listen to it here.