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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design — A Week in Seattle FREE — But You Must Apply by April 3

Summer Seminars on ID

The deadline to apply for the Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design is next week, April 3. This is a fantastic opportunity, not least because the whole thing is FREE for undergraduate and grad students who are accepted. We even cover travel costs in some cases.

I’ve already mentioned some of our stellar instructors — Stephen Meyer, Günter Bechly, Douglas Axe, Richard Sternberg, Bruce Gordon, Ann Gauger, John West, Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson, Brian Miller. But I’m also now empowered to mention that there will be two instructors in particular who will not be named publicly, either before or after the Seminars. To find out who they are, you’ll need to join us, along with a diverse and international group of fellow students, here in Seattle, July 6-14.

Jay Richards

There are two tracks, the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society. This is how we train the next generation of scientists and scholars in the leadership of the ID movement. More information is here, along with an online application. Don’t miss this chance to mature your understanding of the evidence and implications of design in biology and cosmology! If it’s not for you, please help us get out the word by sharing this widely.

Photos: Evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg and philosopher of biology Paul Nelson, above; Privileged Planet co-author Jay Richards, below; by Daniel Reeves.