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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, Deadline April 3 — The Education You Won’t Get in College

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One of the consequences of academia’s embargo against intelligent design is that students on their own university campuses can’t learn about evidence for design in nature. From many personal testimonies, we know that ID sympathizers are well hidden in the sciences, and for good reasons. What then can the curious undergrad or graduate student do to investigate the scientific alternative to Darwinism?

The answer is: Apply now to join us for the Summer Seminars on ID, here in Seattle, July 6-14.

The instructors are the very best scientists and scholars in the field of design research — Stephen Meyer, Günter Bechly, Douglas Axe, Bruce Gordon, Ann Gauger, John West, Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson, Brian Miller, to name a few — and we cover the costs for admitted students. But you need to act right away because the deadline to apply is around the corner, April 3. More information is here and here.

I’ve been looking at the course schedules for both tracks, the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society. The classes cover biology, cosmology, and philosophy, the origin of life, the fossil record, population genetics, evolutionary simulations, the cultural and ethical impact of Darwinism’s influence, and lots more. It’s really interesting stuff.

There’s no better deal than free, either. Think about it. And if you’re not a student yourself, please help us get out the word by sharing this post with your online community — friends, professors, your church? The Summer Seminars are an amazing opportunity but time is quickly running out.

Remember, too, that the Seminars are the primary means by which the Center for Science & Culture prepares the next generation of ID scientists and educators. Take a moment to support this vital work by donating.

Photo: Evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg teaching at the 2017 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, by Daniel Reeves.