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Deadline to Apply for Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design Is Today, April 3!

David Klinghoffer

Intelligent Design

Here’s a way to strike a blow for academic freedom. At most colleges and universities, perhaps including the one you yourself attend, research and teaching about intelligent design is forbidden science. Yet there’s no substitute for studying a challenging and controversial subject in the company of expert scientists and others scholars. Reading books about it isn’t enough.

What to do? Join us for the 2018 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design. It’s nine days in Seattle, July 6-14, at the height of the most beautiful season in the Pacific Northwest. The instructors are the very best in the ID field, including Stephen Meyer, Günter Bechly, Douglas Axe, Richard Sternberg, Bruce Gordon, Ann Gauger, John West, Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson, and Brian Miller. It’s FREE, including meals, housing, and course material, and if you’re accepted, we may even pay for your travel expenses, depending on need.

The only drawback? The deadline in tomorrow TODAY, April 3, at close of business. The Summer Seminars include two tracks, and are aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences and humanities. More information is here, including an online application. Get yours in now — it’s not onerous — or let others know about this fantastic opportunity.

Photo: Stephen Meyer teaches at the 2017 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, by Daniel Reeves.