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Online Seminar: Paul Nelson Will Discuss Ontogenetic Depth — in Depth! 

This Saturday, April 21, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Paul Nelson will give an online seminar about the controversial and widely-thought-to-be-debunked concept of “ontogenetic depth” (OD). Join us at 4 PM Eastern, which is 3 PM Central or 1 PM Pacific. At the ordained hour, just go here.

OD has been proclaimed a “pseudoscientific idea” by no less an authority than Wikipedia, and Paul himself readily acknowledges OD is currently impossible to measure — so why on earth would he bother talking about OD live, while fielding questions?

Possible answers:

  • Paul is obviously crazy and has been for a long time.
  • Paul doesn’t know when to stop digging.
  • Never was there a more fitting acronym for a scientific idea than “OD.”
  • Paul has grown fond of “Paul Nelson Day” and doesn’t want our critics to forget it again next year (see Stockholm Syndrome).
  • OR, counter-intuitively — perhaps there is much more to OD than seems apparent.

We’ll go with the last and counter-intuitive answer, so tune in. Background reading on OD is here and here (2011 series) and herehere, and here (2015 series).

Image: Paul Nelson, in a scene from “How to Build a Worm,” courtesy of Discovery Institute.