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The Designed Body: Our Irreducibly Complex Blood Pressure Control System

Jonathan Witt
Man check blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor with digital pressure gauge. Health care and  Medical concept
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Blood pressure is up! I mean the new blood pressure podcast is up at ID the Future. Download it or listen to it here.

We always hear about friends and family with blood pressure problems. What’s easy to miss — and what physician Howard Glicksman helps us realize in this new podcast — is how amazingly engineered our body’s blood pressure control system is, and how it couldn’t have emerged in the history of life through blind, gradualistic evolution.

Photo credit: succo, via Pixabay.

Jonathan Witt

Executive Editor, Discovery Institute Press and Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Culture
Jonathan Witt, PhD, is Executive Editor of Discovery Institute Press and a senior fellow and senior project manager with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. His latest book is Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design (DI Press, 2018) written with Finnish bioengineer Matti Leisola. Witt has also authored co-authored Intelligent Design Uncensored, A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature, and The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom That Tolkien Got, and the West Forgot. Witt is the lead writer and associate producer for Poverty, Inc., winner of the $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award and recipient of over 50 international film festival honors.



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