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Hunter: With Darwinism, “The Theory Is Always Driving the Ideas In Spite of the Evidence”

Here on a new episode of ID the Future is a quite a neat and even charming conversation between biologist Ray Bohlin and biophysicist Cornelius Hunter. Dr. Hunter offers another instance illustrating how with Darwinism, “the theory is always driving the ideas in spite of the evidence.” It’s this “religious” motivation behind the theory that Hunter notes as a theme in his writing here at Evolution News.

Listen to the podcast or download it here.

Hunter explains how mitochondria, the powerhouse of eukaryotic cells, pose a powerful and newly acute problem for evolution. For years evolutionists thought that some early cells must somehow have brought other cells inside of them, “gobbled them up” in technical terms, and those other cells then mysteriously evolved into mitochondria. 

But recent research undermines that notion. Why do many evolutionists then still cling to the idea? Because, as Hunter says, in many ways, religion not empiricism drives science. Evidence is interpreted to fit the theory, rather the theory being driven by the evidence. Funny state of affairs.

Photo: Mitochondria, shown in red, by NICHD/U. Manor, via Flickr.