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Denton’s Children of Light Forthcoming; Join Us at Seattle Book Launch!

Have you ever considered how our tiny corner of the universe somehow cradles fragile mankind?

In the newest book in his Privileged Species series, Dr. Michael Denton explores the convergence of properties of visible light that allow intelligent life to flourish on earth.

Children of Light:The Astonishing Properties of Sunlight that Make Us Possible builds on previous titles by Denton. In The Wonder of Water (2017), he examined how water is specially equipped to allow life to flourish on our blue planet. Its unique properties allow it to fill countless roles throughout the biological world — forming the matrix of our cells, regulating the temperature of our planet, and so much more. Fire-Maker (2016) hones in on one particular aspect of our planet’s special fitness for humans: the ability to make and harness fire. From computers to airplanes to life-giving medicines, the technological marvels of our world were made possible by humanity’s use of fire. This ability to harness fire, Denton argues, was itself made possible by an array of features built into the human body and the planet.

Sufficiently intrigued? Children of Light is forthcoming in October. Join us for the book launch at Seattle Pacific University on October 2nd to hear Michael Denton present on his new title, and answer questions from the audience. The book will also be available for a discounted price, and you’ll have the opportunity to have it signed by the author himself! This event is free, but space is limited and registration is required. You can register at this link. If you’re in Texas, check out the book release events in Dallas and Waco, later this month.

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Join us as we explore our tailor-made planet!

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