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In a Weekend Doubleheader, Gilder Warns of Silicon Valley and the Planetary Zoo

planetary zoo

This weekend it’s a doubleheader from Discovery Institute co-founder George Gilder. In a powerful new ID the Future episode, straight from the recent FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Gilder sketches the cracked plans being dreamed up in Silicon Valley for what amounts to a future Planetary Zoo.

Here is what they think: Once AI technology reaches its eschaton, the Singularity, ordinary humans will be rendered without any creative purpose and can be supported by a guaranteed minimum income while playing video games all day. We’ll then be like animals in a global zoo, a vision lifted from Marx.

Download the podcast or listen to it now.

Meanwhile Sunday night at 10 pm, don’t miss Gilder on Life, Liberty & Levin, on Fox News, talking about his new book Life After Google, and of course much more. Another Discovery Institute Senior Fellow, David Berlinski, was on with Mark Levin back in April, and if you saw it or read the transcript you’ll know what a fascinating conversation that was, linking “evolution, science and progressivism.” Definitely worth watching.

Do you see how all these issues fit together? Reducing the stature and dignity of human beings to that of animals is the whole project of Darwinism or materialism, whatever you want to call it, in a nutshell.