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Great Minds: Stephen Meyer and Michael Medved on the American Miracle

David Klinghoffer

Stephen Meyer

If the history of the United States is an illustration of intelligent design at work in worldly affairs, what’s the purpose behind the design? Michael Medved and Stephen Meyer consider this question in a new podcast episode of Great Minds with Michael Medved. It’s up now in audio and video forms. Here Dr. Meyer assumes the role of interviewer, and does it very well. They talk about the thesis of Mr. Medved’s book, The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic.

The topics includes the settling of North America and the Constitutional Convention. The series of “happy accidents” is strongly suggestive of providence, “divine favor,” as many Americans have perceived today and in the past. Medved makes a couple of additional provocative points. First, that seeing “design” in your country’s history, or you own marriage or your life, is healthy and beneficial. He discusses his own marriage in this context. Second, that it keeps front and center in your mind, as a citizen, that America’s “miracles” are not meaningless accidents but instead are arranged to serve a goal: “serving the world” by rescuing it from evils including Communism and Nazism. He understands that mission as being still before us today. Do you agree? The question is worth considering.

Meyer and Medved have a wonderful rapport. I hope they continue this conversation in future episodes! If you do too, I hope you’ll take a moment now to donate to keep Great Minds with Michael Medved going strong!