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Booklist on Behe’s Latest: “Bound to Be Controversial”


The first pre-publication reviews of Michael Behe’s new book, Darwin Devolves, are starting to come in. Congratulations, Professor Behe! The book is due in February. Here’s this from Booklist:

Lehigh University biochemist Behe argues against random DNA mutations and natural selection as plausible engines of the evolution of life. Unlike other advocates for intelligent design, Behe accepts a theory of limited evolution for species struggling to survive their immediate habitats. But he believes that basic components of life could not have arisen without deliberate engineering. Behe forgives Charles Darwin for not explaining evolutionary forces satisfactorily because the naturalist did not know about atoms or DNA, but he criticizes Darwin for suggesting life is not purpose-driven. Again unlike many intelligent design proponents, Behe does not insist that life’s controlling mind is a deity, though that is his personal belief. Most of the book focuses on disproving Darwinian processes. While Behe intends his book for general readers and offers nontechnical analogies, much of the rhetoric relies on detailed genetic, molecular, and biochemical explanations. Darwin Devolves is bound to be controversial. For other theories reaching beyond Darwinian evolution, read David Quammen’s The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life (2018).

OK, obviously, that is not from an ID publication. It recognizes Darwin Devolves as a piece of serious science writing, albeit written for a general audience, in the tradition of Darwin’s Black Box. And it is “bound to be controversial.” Good. Bring it on!

Pre-order the book here now and get free perks including immediate access to a new 41-episode course on intelligent design taught by Behe, and a bonus chapter.