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“Merry Christmas from the Moon”: Recalling a Historic Anniversary

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On Sunday, as in past years, Evolution News will launch our traditional series leading up to New Year’s Day, a countdown of the Top 10 Stories of 2018 relating to evolution, intelligent design, and allied subjects. Along with our Discovery Institute colleagues, the editorial and writing staff wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, which we hope you will heartily enjoy the coming days along with loved ones. As sort of a holiday card in video form, our friends at Illustra Media offer this about the Apollo 8 and its famous Christmas Eve message of 1968, now almost exactly a half century ago:

For more on this historic anniversary, see our comments of earlier this month, concluding that when it comes to the argument about design in biology and in the cosmos, “Some (especially those who hold the reins of power) continue to reject the evidence. However, we have hope that the dam of censorship will break, and that more people will give up their blinders.” Now that’s a fine wish for this season. Stay tuned for further commentary on the meaning of the Apollo 8 mission for the ID debate from astrophysicist Guillermo Gonzalez and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer.