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Meyer and Metaxas — Socrates in the City Comes to Dallas; Early Bird Special Ends Friday!

David Klinghoffer

Over the weekend, Evolution News offered back-to-back ID the Future episodes — a Socrates in the City (SITC) dialogue between philosopher of science Stephen Meyer and bestselling author Eric Metaxas about Dr. Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt. (See here and here.) If you’ve ever attended SITC, you’ll know what an thoroughly entertaining and illuminating host Mr. Metaxas is. 

He and Stephen Meyer last got together for an SITC event at the Union League Club in New York. If you missed it, you’ll have the opportunity to see them again in Dallas next month!

It’s the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, sponsored by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, January 18-19. Registration is required; Early Bird General Admission rates are available through this Friday, December 14. So do register now by going here, where you’ll find additional information. Group discounts are available.

Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas

The subject couldn’t be more important. Here is a troubling statistic: more than half (55 percent) of U.S. adults view science and faith as being “often in conflict.” Given the weight and prestige of science in our culture, that would seem to put faith in a corner. Which of course is just where many in academia and in the media would like to see it. In this environment, simple affirmations in favor of religious tradition or naïve apologetic approaches won’t suffice — not least with young people as they enter college and encounter a range of challenging viewpoints.

The purpose of the conference is to explore the evidence of cosmology and biology, weighing the strength of what Stephen Meyer calls the God Hypothesis. Join us in Dallas! But again, you should register now to take advantage of the Early Bird discount.