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Miracles Ancient and Modern — Insiders Tour of Israel with Stephen Meyer and Michael Medved

David Klinghoffer

Dr. Meyer sat down with Michael Medved at the Discovery Institute Christmas party to talk about several of the absolutely unique aspects of this trip. It will be different from any other experience you will have in the Holy Land. 

Discovery Institute’s upcoming Insiders Tour of Israel features Meyer, Medved, Titus Kennedy, and George Gilder. As Meyer explains, the itinerary will cover miracles ancient and modern — the latter referring not only to the founding of the modern State of Israel but to the wonder of the Israeli tech economy that Discovery co-founder George Gilder wrote about in his book The Israel Test. The trip is September 8-17, 2019, including the Sabbath in Jerusalem.

Please join us. But to do so, you must register by going here before January 1. See there as well for more information about this amazing tour.