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Stephen Meyer: Looking Forward to Highlights of 2019, a Big Year for ID

Dr. Meyer directs the Center for Science & Culture and is a chief proponent of the theory of intelligent design. He described some of the expected highlights of 2019. Those include books by Steve Meyer himself (The Return of the God Hypothesis), Michael Behe, Michael Keas — and the Discovery Institute Insiders Tour of Israel with Meyer, joined by Michael Medved, George Gilder, and Titus Kennedy.

As the year winds down, it’s satisfying to think about how ID has permeated the way people think in our culture. This was brought back to me, humorously, by a comment this week from Richard Dawkins. John Horgan at Scientific American asked a panel, “What’s your utopia?” The famous scientific atheist replied by invoking, of all things, ID: “My utopia is a world in which beliefs are based on evidence and morality is based on intelligent design — design by intelligent humans (or robots!).”

Ha! Even Dawkins can’t quite shake the idea that a sublime world like ours doesn’t come about by chance, but by “intelligent design.”

Steve Meyer, Michael Behe, William Dembski — I will arbitrarily limit myself to just three — are among the top ID theorists, a small but important cadre that has remarkably changed the intellectual landscape not only in the United States but internationally. ID will continue advancing thanks to you and to our 2019 Annual Campaign, which supports new research and scholarship , with new books by David Berlinski, Marcos Eberlin, outreach and education including ID Education Days and the Summer Seminar program, and more. Don’t forget, of course, your daily source of news and analysis, Evolution News. 

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