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Dallas and Westminster Conferences Tackle Science-Religion “Warfare Myth”

Warfare Myth

Two important conferences — one just past, one coming up in April — tackle the influential but toxic myth of an unending war between science and religion. On a new ID the Future podcast, host Rob Crowther talks with Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards about last week’s Dallas Conference on Science and Faith and about the upcoming Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, to be held April 5-6 near Philadelphia. 

Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Jay Richards

Jay Richards, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Stephen Meyer in Dallas.

In Dallas, Dr. Richards (The Privileged Planet) spoke alongside Stephen Meyer, Eric Metaxas, Guillermo Gonzalez, and James Tour. Dr. Tour, the renowned Rice University chemist, may be a less familiar speaker to Evolution News readers — but as Jay recounts, he was absolutely “on fire” at this conference, ferociously and very effectively critiquing facile materialist origin-of-life theories.

James Tour

Rice University chemist James Tour at the Dallas Conference.

Registration for the Westminster Conference has now opened, and a schedule is available; find more information here. Speakers will include the authors of the two hot books of this season — biochemist Michael Behe (Darwin Devolves) and historian of science Michael Keas (Unbelievable). They’ll be joined by physicist Brian Miller, biologist Ann Gauger, and social scientist John West, all of Discovery Institute. 

The theme: “Darwin Devolves: God, Design, and the Failure of Chance in Explaining Origins.” If you missed the Dallas event, we’ll hope to see you at the Westminster Conference!

Image credit: Photos of the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, by Stan Kwan.