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Great Minds: Medved, Gelernter Ask, “What Is a Conservative?”

David Klinghoffer

Michael Medved

To be a conservative, says Yale polymath David Gelernter, is to “Give due credit to the ideas that created the civilization we live within.” A simple and beautiful summary. In a new podcast episode of Great Mind with Michael Medved, Dr. Gelernter talks with our host Mr. Medved about the shocking irresponsibility in the failure to introduce young people to the best achievements in thought. They also, however, discuss evidence that our civilization is due for a healthy correction as we “snap out” of the torpor that suppresses consideration of great ideas.

Will that include a fresh look at the hypothesis of design in nature? Certainly that is a great idea, none greater, that has fueled the best in culture for millennia. If Gelernter is right, there’s reason for optimism.

As ever, Michael Medved is a superb conversationalist, and Gelernter — artist, critic, scientist — furnishes an ideal discussion partner. Find the podcast at the Minds with Medved website now. And be sure to donate while you’re there to keep great programming like this coming!