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In Unbelievable, Science Historian Michael Keas Debunks the Atheist “Big Myth”

David Klinghoffer

Hawking, Nye and other atheists argue that because the universe is so large, a God interested in a relationship with us seems impossible. In Unbelievable, Michael Keas considers this “Big Myth.” For a sample, watch this:

The whole point at first hearing sounds like a non sequitur, as Rabbi Moshe Averick observed here in a recent ID the Future podcast discussing Stephen Hawking’s final book. Why does it necessarily follow that a very big cosmos, with humans occupying just a minute “speck” (per Bill Nye the “Science Guy”), equals no personal Deity? And yet opponents of religion keep coming back to this idea. Hawking at least, if untutored in theology, was not a foolish man.

In his new book, with careful scholarship and an entertaining style, Dr. Keas explodes 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion, including this one. It turns out Bill Nye didn’t invent the Big Myth, and religious thinkers and scientists alike, from the author of Psalms to Johannes Kepler to C.S. Lewis, have long rejected it — for good reasons. Professor Keas, a historian of science, explains why.

Update: I noticed that on the Amazon page it says the book “Usually ships within 1 to 3 months.” That is not accurate. We contacted the publisher and confirmed that Amazon has reordered and the book will go out in a much more timely fashion than indicated.