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Last Weekend to Register for Dallas Conference on Science and Faith 

Here’s an ominous polling result: Students on college campuses in the U.S. increasingly agree that the origin of the universe was a chance event — a quarter of female freshmen and a third of males told pollsters that this is their view. The Dallas Conference on Science Faith, January 18-19, will address that and other urgent questions.

We’re heading into the final weekend to pre-register for the event. That door will close on January 15. Bring your favorite student, or just bring yourself. You can also attend as a walk-up on January 18, but you’ll be taking your chances — we can’t guarantee there will be space for you if you wait.

Speakers include Stephen Meyer, Eric Metaxas, Jay Richards, and James Tour. They are all amazing communicators, and Metaxas and Meyer will lead an entertaining Socrates in the City discussion. This is your first opportunity to preview the next direction that Dr. Meyer, the New York Times bestselling philosopher of science, will be taking in his case for intelligent design. Turning from biology to cosmology, Meyer’s forthcoming book is The Return of the God Hypothesis. 

For more information and a full schedule see here. You can also contact Discovery Institute’s Pam Bailey about group discounts.