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Preview Stephen Meyer’s Next Book: Register for Dallas Conference Before It Sells Out

Dallas Conference

There’s still time to register for the January 18-19 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith. The event will be headlined by an entertaining Socrates in the City conversation between Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas about Dr. Meyer’s next book, The Return of the God Hypothesis. Other highlights: Rice University’s Professor James Tour on “The Mystery of the Origin of Life,” and philosopher Jay Richards on “The Privileged Planet.” For more information and a full schedule see here.

There will be walk-up tickets available, provided that the conference is not sold out, and it is headed in that direction now. So to be sure of getting in, I recommend taking a moment to register here in advance. As of today, you can ask Discovery Institute’s Pam Bailey about group discounts as well. See you in Dallas!

Photo: Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas at the Union League Club, New York City.