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Darwin Devolves Rides a Wave; One Week Left to Pre-order and Get the Perks!

David Klinghoffer


I’m trying to think of a book that provoked as much discussion and debate as Michael Behe’s forthcoming Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution — before the book is even published. As I cast my mind back, I’m having a hard time coming up with a precedent for this.

The pre-publication review in Science, a powerful voice in the professional community, sought to get out in front and stop the book in its tracks. It didn’t work. Responses to the review were highly critical (see here by John West and here by Mike Behe), evidently making an impression where it really matters. National Academy of Sciences member Richard Lenski, one of the trio of original reviewers for the journal, subsequently decided to launch a three-part review “in his own words” (per co-author Nathan Lents) on Lenski’s blog. That move is also quite interesting and unusual. Dr. Lenski’s work figures prominently in Darwin Devolves. The interchange between him and Dr. Behe promises to be substantive and illuminating, addressing the heart of what Behe is arguing. No doubt about it, this book is riding a wave.

You can ride the wave yourself. The publication date is next Tuesday, February 26. That means as of today you have a week left to take advantage of the pre-order special with its associated perks. If you’re ordering through Amazon Prime, of course, you can get Darwin Devolves on the day it comes out with free shipping.

Pictured above: a newly received shipment of copies to our offices. They look great! Congratulations, Professor Behe.

Photo credit: Robert Crowther.