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Mike Keas and Rob Simone: Differing Perspectives on the “ET Enlightenment” Myth

David Klinghoffer

Michael Keas

Kudos to London radio host Rob Simone, a specialist in “alternative” and “anomalous” subjects, for having science historian Professor Michael Keas on, this coming Wednesday, to talk about Keas’s new book, Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History, Science and Religion. While the book is not directed against belief in extraterrestrials, it does cast a new light on ETs that may make skeptics and believers alike think again.

Professor Keas’s thesis is that myths about an irremediable conflict between science and religion have influenced many to embrace a further myth of future “ET enlightenment,” salvation from the stars. This is to fill a void left by the message of cosmic human insignificance. I imagine that may run somewhat counter to Mr. Simone’s customary perspective. He has evidently got an open mind, so good for him.

You can hear Dr. Keas with Rob Simone, Wednesday, February 6, in the U.K. at 9 am on 104.4 FM, or online here at 1 am Pacific Standard Time.

Simone is a guest host for the popular Coast to Coast AM, offering similar fare, which I’ve enjoyed over the years. See my appreciation of it in an L.A. Times op-ed I wrote a while back.

Photo credit: Dino Reichmuth via Unsplash.