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Listen: Behe, McDiarmid Continue a Discussion of the Lents Review

David Klinghoffer


On a new episode of ID the Future, host Andrew McDiarmid continues his conversation with biochemist Michael Behe about the response to Behe’s just released book, Darwin Devolves. Their focus is the review in Science by lead author Nathan Lents, with Joshua Swamidass and Richard Lenski.

Mike and Andrew have a good time considering the range of ways in which the preemptive, prepublication review fell short. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

As I’ve noted, the extensive discussion of the review, by Behe himself and others at Evolution News, is simply due to the fact that Science is such a major and respected venue. It is the New York Times of the science community here in the United States. On ID the Future, Behe has some further, sharp words for the Lents document. I will add that after Professor Lents lashed out rather wildly this week, writing at the website Peaceful Science, I agreed with Joshua Swamidass, who administers the site, that it was time to cool things off a bit.

In that spirit, I offer no commentary other than to say, it’s very much worth your time to listen to this podcast, the second in a series. (See here for the first part.) Behe summarizes well where the review goes wrong, and what that indicates about the future of the evolution debate.

Photo: Michael Behe teaching at the recent Intelligent Design Education Day in Richmond, VA, by Richard Elliott.