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Gilder: AI and the Return of the Marxist Utopia

David Klinghoffer

You thought Marxism had been banished to the junkheap of history. Not so! As Discovery Institute co-founder George Gilder explained recently at the Dallas launch celebration for Discovery’s new Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence, the belief in a coming Marxian-style eschaton or end point to history has been revived by fevered visions of an AI future:

In these visions, thanks to AI, work is to become an obsolete concept as we all sit around on the beach collecting a monthly paycheck from the government. Either that, or rocket off to Mars with the ruling elite. Gilder dumps cold water on the prophecy, which, nevertheless, remains the dominant dream of Silicon Valley. Never miss a chance to enjoy and learn from George Gilder. With him were Jay Richards and Robert J. Marks.