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Melissa Cain Travis: The Argument from the Existence of Science

Melissa Cain Travis

Professor Melissa Cain Travis is among the speakers at next month’s conference, co-sponsored by our Houston Chapter, Reasons 2019: New Conversations on Science and Faith. She will be talking about a wonderful insight she calls the “Argument from the Existence of Science.” Travis discussed this with host Emily Kurlinski on a new episode of ID the Future. Download the podcast or listen to it here. 

Briefly, she says, the idea is:

Because we have a successful scientific enterprise, we can through various avenues of evidence and philosophical argumentation reach the conclusion that not only must there be an intelligent mind behind the cosmos but there must be something about the human person that has a rational kinship with that intelligence. Otherwise scientific experimentation, investigation, would never have been possible.

That’s a powerful thesis. At Reasons 2019, Professor Travis will be joined by Brazilian science superstar Dr. Marcos Eberlin, whose new book (out next month) is Foresight; science historian Michael Keas, author of Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion; and the great Michael Behe, author of the cutting-edge Darwin Devolves.

Melissa Travis traces her own journey as a scholar to meeting Dr. Behe ten years ago, at a conference not unlike this one, leading to her recent book, Science and the Mind of the Maker, an accessible introduction to evidence for intelligent design. Join us May 3-4 in Woodlands, Texas, for the Reasons 2019 conference. More information and a link to register are here.

Photo: Morning aboard the International Space Station, via NASA.