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Metaxas: A “Media Blackout” on the “Miracle of the Universe”

Eric Metaxas was on fire at Discovery Institute’s Dallas Science and Faith Conference earlier this year, as you can now see for yourself. We’re glad to be making videos of the event available. (See also Eric’s Socrates in the City conversation with Steve Meyer, which I shared earlier.)

His point here is an important one. Making reference to his book Miracles and a Wall Street Journal op-ed he wrote that was the most shared ever in the newspaper’s history, Metaxas explains that only a “media blackout” has kept information about the fine-tuning of the universe for our planet and for human life from being better known. It should be much, much better known because as he says frankly, the “miracle of the universe” is the most spectacular miracle ever, by far:

The media, meanwhile, sticks with its “nothing special about the Earth” narrative. As Metaxas observes, recalls of most faulty consumer products are swift and certain because, as one example, an auto manufacturer understands that its future viability as a business depends on getting the word out fast and warning people away from an unsafe motor vehicle. But falsehoods about life and about nature are under no such pressure, granting folks like Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye the convenience of being able to broadcast untruth without ever being challenged to their face.

As Metaxas concludes, this places a burden on all of us, to let other people know, as widely as possible, about the evidence for design in our world. You can’t rely on the media. Boy, is that ever true. On the contrary, you are more likely to hear proponents of intelligent design being chastised even by media that ought to know better.