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Müller Report: Meyer on an Evolutionist’s Indictment of Evolution, and More

You’re thinking of the wrong Mueller! I’m talking about the report by Austrian evolutionary theorist Gerd B. Müller that features as one of the highlights of Stephen Meyer’s presentation, on “Darwin’s Doubt,” at Discovery Institute’s Conference on Science and Faith in Dallas. These talks are all online for you to enjoy. Dr. Meyer’s is here:

As Müller and Stuart A. Newman argued in an MIT Press book, neo-Darwinism lacks a “theory of the generative.” This is kind of like saying the theory of evolution lacks a theory of evolution. Veiled in bland technical language, it’s a stinging indictment of evolutionary biology and its pretensions. Müller at the 2016 Royal Society meeting reported similarly on the “explanatory deficits of neo-Darwinism,” including three that Meyer discussed in Dallas: the “origin of phenotypic complexity,” of “anatomical novelty,” and of “non-gradual modes of transition (abrupt fossil appearance).” The last two of these are focuses of Steve Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt.

Meyer on the Darwinian mechanism as Müller, no proponent of intelligent design, understands it:

It does a really good job of preserving advantageous changes, but it doesn’t do a good job of innovation. And [Müller and Newman] had a list of unsolved problems of neo-Darwinism and one of them was the “origin of organismal form.” And I thought, My goodness, isn’t that the problem that Darwin was supposed to have explained back in 1859?

“No Recall on That Idea”

As Meyer points out, it’s another illustration of how the increasingly recognized inadequacies of materialist origins theories have failed to be reported to the general public —“There was no recall on that idea.” Dr. Meyer also notes that this was one of the overall themes of the Dallas conference — prominently, for example, in Rice University chemist James Tour’s speech, “The Mystery of the Origin of Life.”

For other presentations from the Dallas conference that I’ve already pointed out here, see Meyer and Eric Metaxas on “Science and Faith,” Metaxas on “The Miracle of the Universe,” Meyer on “God and the Origin of the Universe,” Jay Richards on “The Privileged Planet.” I’m so glad these are now up online for anyone to watch. Please share them!