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Biomimetics: Efficient Lights and a Lesson from Fireflies

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Following on from our post the other day, “Human Designers Struggle to Match Biological Designs,” here’s another illustration from the field of biomimetics.

Light bulb technology has come a long way in recent decades, with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) supplanting tungsten bulbs, with their wasteful heat, in many applications. Still, engineers would like to increase the efficiency of bulbs further. A simple trick used by fireflies turned out to dramatically increase the light output of a test bulb designed by Belgian physicist Jean-Pol Vigneron, after he became intrigued by the display of fireflies one night on a field trip in Central America.  A video clip shows how the story unfolded, as the BBC News explains “How fireflies inspired energy-efficient lights.”

Congratulations to Vigneron for his design smarts. Imagine the smarts of the designer who came up with his original inspiration.

Image credit: Victoria Borodinova, via Pixabay.

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