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This Memorial Day Weekend, Consider Putting Design and Human Dignity into Action

Memorial Day

Human exceptionalism and intelligent design bear witness that we are indeed a “privileged species” — as biologist Michael Denton puts it. The universe was woven with us in mind. This is not a statement of species chauvinism. It’s a call to action, since privilege brings responsibility with it.

Memorial Day weekend is a time for reflection, not only about the war dead. Allow me to share with you a cause that’s important to me. Some of the weakest in society suffer due to no fault of their own. Children are especially vulnerable, and kids living in homes where adults are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or are abusive or neglectful often suffer damaging trauma. Here in Washington State, we have a chronic shortage of foster homes, and many other states have shortages too.  

The other day I was at a meeting where a lawyer and a financial planner, both of whom had family members with serious disabilities, shared with parents of disabled children about power of attorney and guardianship issues and how to plan for the wellbeing of their child once they pass on. To me, the meeting demonstrated the core of mind-over-matter thinking: a commitment to human dignity, and the willingness and knowledge to make a wise plan to further it. 

The intrinsic dignity we believe each person possesses leads us to reject the “survival of the fittest” and instead to care for and strengthen our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. One way to do that is to foster ourselves or to support social workers and foster parents helping children directly. Please consider doing so.

Photo credit: Simon Rae via Unsplash.