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Austrian Village Meets Biocomplexity and Teleology and Doesn’t Blink

As noted already, I attended the first meeting of the new Zentrum für BioKomplexität & NaturTeleologie, or in English the Center for Biocomplexity and Teleology in Nature, organized by Günter Bechly and Siegfried Scherer.

The conference in Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria, coincided with a very big regional festival. There was music in the town square and around the town, there were men in lederhosen and women in dirndls, choirs singing, and a tremendous concert at the church.

The accompanying photos show our field trip to Altenburg Abbey. The ceiling painting was of the sciences. You can see a telescope and astrolabe in the close up.

At one point in our proceedings a brass band struck up. I thought they might play again after our vote to make the organization official, but they did not. They had their own agenda.

The townspeople did not seem to notice the odd assortment of scientists gathered in their midst, who sat at table in their restaurants for hours sometimes, enjoying the fellowship of like minds. There was too much other commotion, like an Austrian brass band in lederhosen playing “Quando, Quando, Quando,” and playing it well.

It added to the good spirits at the conference, where all were pleased and impressed by the quality of the talks, and hopes for future collaborations. The time passed all too quickly. Everyone looks forward to the next time a meeting occurs. All in all, a very good start! Ein sehr ermutigender Start!