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Finally! Discovery Institute Press Books in Audio Versions

Discovery Institute Press

We’ve had many requests for audiobook versions of titles from the Discovery Institute Press backlist. These requests have been met with a mix of sympathy — we want them too! — and guilt at keeping you waiting. But as of today, there’s excellent news: the first titles from DI Press on audio are here, available on Amazon: Michael Denton’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis, and Tom Bethell’s Darwin’s House of Cards: A Journalist’s Odyssey Through the Darwin Debates. 

These are both important and enjoyable books. Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis helped turn Ben Shapiro, one of the smartest commentators out there, to Darwin skepticism. (Listen to Shapiro’s remarks here.) Literary critic A.N. Wilson recognized it in the London Spectator as a “best book” of 2016, calling it a “truly great book” and saying, of the argument Denton makes, that “It is hard to see how anyone…could not be persuaded.”

Darwin’s House of Cards won the 2017 “Book of the Year” award in the Origins category from World Magazine, whose editor, Marvin Olasky, praised it as a “gusty and gutsy look at a dogma edging beyond its sell-by date.” Bethell is a wonderful journalist who has seen it all. His book, an eyewitness account, may offer the single most accessible introduction to the Darwin debate.

You can get these two books via Audible or on an MP3 CD. Listen to Denton and Bethell on your commute, while you jog, or anywhere you happen to be and want to be stimulated and uplifted. Of course, there are already audio versions available of books by Discovery Institute star authors, including Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Douglas Axe, and others. Today’s releases are, though, the first from DI Press itself.

This represents a bit of a test. We will measure the demand for DI Press books in audio formats and decide whether to press forward with more titles. Personally, I’m confident that these books will be very popular in their audio versions!

Photo credit: Henry Be via Unsplash.