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New Science Uprising Episode Counters the “I Suck” Principle

David Klinghoffer

Science Uprising

Materialists share a tendency to want to degrade human beings and our place in the cosmos. In a sane world — maybe it’s out there somewhere in the multiverse — there would be a psychiatric diagnosis for this.

As celebrity “Science Guy” Bill Nye has put it, “I’m a speck on a speck orbiting a speck among other specks among still other specks in the middle of specklessness. I suck.” The fourth episode of Science Uprising is out now, and it addresses the poisonous “I suck” principle. The episode, “Fine-Tuning: You Don’t Suck,” juxtaposes the views of Nye, Lawrence Krauss, and Sean Carroll with some powerful counters from Freeman Dyson, Charles Townes, Frank Tipler, Stephen Meyer, and Bijan Nemati:

While he’s not a scientist, it’s still interesting to watch Stephen King coming down on the side of intelligent design.

The ultra-fine-tuning of the universe with its physical laws and constants may be the single most agreed upon piece of evidence for ID. Yet materialists fight it with all they’ve got. “There’s an obvious and easy naturalistic explanation,” says physicist Sean Carroll breezily, “in the form of the cosmological multiverse.” The problems with that solution include that there is no evidence for it. And then there’s this: “The new mechanisms that have been proposed as possible ways of generating universes themselves require fine-tuning,” as Meyer explains. “And so in the end you’re left right where you started.”

“Someone had you in mind,” the masked narrator of the series summarizes. “Someone had us all in mind.” In the context of our corrosive media culture, that is such an important message, and it is very tightly and effectively presented here at just over eight minutes in length. Please consider sharing Science Uprising as widely as you are able to do so!