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What Is a Parent to Do? Here’s What

Summer Seminars

“Is there any university where my child will be taught a breadth of ideas about the origins of life?”

This is a common question from parents who are visiting colleges with their high school seniors — especially those whose son or daughter is an aspiring biologist. It is a difficult place to be; the options are few.

Generations of professors over the last sixty or seventy years have passed down their unquestioning acceptance of materialistic explanations of biological origins. Many young people aren’t made aware of the criticisms of evolutionary theory, even at those colleges and universities where educators really ought to know better. They never hear the other side of the evolution story, even though evidence on the other side is piling up. What is a parent to do? 

That dilemma is why your support of the Center for Science & Culture — specifically our Summer Seminars program — is so vital! 

Hearts and Minds

By winning the hearts and minds of scientists, scholars, and leaders of the next generation, we gain a strategic opportunity to ensure the success of the theory of intelligent design over the long term.

Through our Summer Seminars program, the Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute teaches about the evidence that life and the universe are the products of intelligent design. We prepare participants to challenge the bleak view that human beings and all other life developed through an impersonal and undirected process.

A clear example of the impact of the program came from one of our graduates who is teaching English at an international university. Elizabeth (not her real name) used intelligent design (ID) videos and books as the basis for a writing project for her students. She wrote us:

I’ve already persuaded several people about ID — a few science students and another philosopher friend, a hard-core atheist…their “faith” in Darwinism was ruined completely. The encouraging thing is that every single time it happened very, very fast. It took just a couple DVDs and a couple of books and their faith in evolution was totally shaken…Just as my atheist professor friend said, “It is simply undeniable.”

Please Join Us

We need you alongside us as we train young people who are the future in science, education, and policy-making. Here is what you can do to help:

GIVE GENEROUSLY: Please consider a gift to help fund these seminars. See how any amount you give will help!

Your generosity will allow us to offer this program at no cost to most of the participants. This is vital in brining top students from around the world to Seattle — many of whom could not otherwise afford to come.

Even more importantly, you will make possible an educational experience that will inspire many courageous and bright students to follow their dreams, to become scientists and educators who make the positive case for design. So take a moment to donate now at!

Photo credit: Alexis Brown on Unsplash.