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Clouds Part: More Photos of Behe Book Celebration

David Klinghoffer

It was a dark and stormy July night in Seattle yesterday until, I noticed, just when Mike Behe, author of Darwin Devolves, was scheduled to speak at Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall. Then the rain lifted and the clouds began to part. Here are excellent photos of the wonderful and celebratory evening, from photographer Nathan Jacobson:

John West introducing Professor Behe.

Michael Behe takes the stage.

West and Behe

Michael Behe and John West engage in a Q&A, always the best part, with a packed house.

The inevitable book table before the audience gets there.

The book table after the audience gets there.

“Dr. Behe, will you please sign my copy of Darwin Devolves for me?”

The clouds part and the moon is visible over the Space Needle.

Have you seen Episode 6 of Science Uprising yet, starring none other than Michael Behe? Watch it here: